Conductive hearing loss : What is it ?

In conductive hearing loss is an impairment of hearing, which can range from mild restriction until complete hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is called, there is no longer routed through the eardrum incoming sound from the eardrum to the inner ear properly conductive hearing loss. This hearing is limited. But what are the causes and symptoms of conductive hearing loss in the ear and how can it be treated?

What are the causes of a conductive hearing loss?

The causes of this disease in the ear are very diverse. Possible reasons for this form of hearing loss, for example, malformations of the external ear or the ear canal are possible. The causes can be sought but also in the middle ear. So can also cause a conductive hearing loss, a chronic otitis media, cholesteatoma or otosclerosis. As other possible causes also the OME, ie an accumulation of fluid in the middle ear in the area of ​​the eardrum, or scarring in the middle ear come into question. The conductive hearing loss must be distinguished from the sensorineural hearing loss. In sensorineural hearing specialist hearing loss is a failure of good signal transmission in the nervous system of the inner ear and the auditory nerve. Both the sensorineural hearing loss, as well as conductive hearing loss can have various causes.

What are the symptoms of a conductive hearing loss?

Affected this form of hearing loss complain that they much quieter perceive everyday sounds than people not affected. When ENT doctor, patients talk about how to listen through cotton. It is immaterial whether it is high or low notes. Other symptoms of this condition can be pain in the ear or severe headache, whichever cause of hearing loss is based.

As the conductive hearing loss diagnosed?

The conductive hearing loss is diagnosed by otoscopy, an examination of the external auditory canal and the eardrum. Thus, pathological changes and injuries of the eardrum or the ear canal can be found. Even with the so-called Weber – Test, a unilateral conductive hearing loss to be detected in the ear. In this test, a tarnished tuning fork on the crown of the patient is placed and chipped. Hear the person the sound to one ear more clearly than on the other, this indicates a unilateral conductive hearing loss. The diagnosis is performed by an ENT doctor and is completely painless.

As the conductive hearing loss treated?

In addition to the removal of cerumen or the treatment of a disease modifying middle ear disease, depending on the cause of the hearing loss can be used to a hearing aid. By the hearing of the loss of function of the ear can be compensated. Anyway, to the rare event of a total Ertaubung.Es is definitely important to react and his quality of life possibly retrieve by hearing aids.

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