First aid for snoring

Five million Germans snore, suggest experts. Often it is up to you to narrow the respiratory tract, allergies, colds, or being Overweight. Apnea added, so it may become life threatening.

Against the night-time noise in Germany’s bedrooms also ear plugs achieve little: it is Not unusual snorers can reach a volume of 90 decibels, a jackhammer. The Problem: as soon As you breathe through the mouth, vibrating soft palate and uvula, and these vibrations cause the often deafening snoring concert.

During night-time snoring without breathing is only annoying and distracting (especially for the Partner), can be life sleep apnea (apnea: Greek = breathing style) threat. It is more than ten times per hour breathing interruptions of more than ten seconds, the doctor speaks of an apnea. This is caused when the tongue and soft palate relax during sleep and the flow of the upper respiratory tract to block. Consequences of nocturnal oxygen do not die for lack of are only problems with concentration and forgetfulness, depression and headaches. Also the risk of a heart attack or stroke, increases attack. But, fortunately, only a few percent of all snorers have this dangerous sleep interruptions – however, with frequent snoring definitely die cause should be clarified.

So snorers finally get to rest while young people mostly only in the case of colds or after abundant alcohol consumption, snoring, especially the elderly on a regular basis. What helps? Corrective posture in the nightcap, as well as the waiver of tranquilizers often bring something back and sleeping tablets. Because of this relaxation of the respiratory muscles and thus “night – time snoring attacks die”. If you are Overweight losing weight is announced. Because too much tissue in the throat, fat constricts the breath of dying ways and promotes the snoring. It is also helpful for a good sleep hygiene. Including the Sleep doctor gathers together all of the snoring mouthpiece factors that promote a healthy sleep – for example, a darkened, quiet room or a healthy, not the hotel mattress. Sometimes it is not enough already, if the “noise makers” on the back. Because in this Position the uvula extends far into the throat and vibrates when Breathing. “Storage aid” (special sleeping bags or T-Shirts with a cushion of air in the back area) can be the solution. Not, however, the suitability of many so-called Anti-snoring products such as Sprays or drops is demonstrated.

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